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About Us (well, "About Me")

Chris Bair is the main guy in this. I've been surrounded by professional photography my entire life and started working with video back in 1998. I started doing slideshows for weddings and moved up to doing wedding videos in 2005. Initially I was using a Pro DV camera which had about the same quality and resolution as a DVD. A few years later while on a shoot a big gust of wind picked up my tripod (that I had *just* let go of!) and smashed it to the ground - apparently it was time to upgrade to High-Definition. It's amazing the difference in quality!

In addition to Video I also do computer support, web design and a bunch of other stuff. I like taking pictures but I'm much better with video and video editing.

Me with (most) of my family - we still need a new picture with our latest arrival

My Family

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